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Sinolong imports full set of most advanced continuous, soft PA6 polymerization equipment and technology from Uhde Inventa Fischer of German. All production steps, such as melting, polymerization, pelletizing, extraction and drying, is running continuously in a closed environment, to guarantee the stability of quality. Sinolong introduce four series of product, including nylon film grade, engineering plastic grade, civil spinning grade and industrial spinning grade, to satisfy the diversified demand of different downstream application, with professional-level quality.

Series Application Advantage Specification
Nylon Film Grade PA6 chip can be processed by blow molding, casting, biaxially oriented tension, multi-layer co-extrusion to produce nylon film. With excellent mechanical strength, heat stability and air-barrier property, the nylon film can be used as the package material for food, medicine and daily chemical product. Stable viscosity, high transparency, excellent processing property. Bright
Engineering Plastic Grade PA6 chip can be processed by compounding for reinforcement, toughening or flame retardant to produce specific engineering plastic, to satisfy the diversified requirement of different application such as automobile, electronic, furniture and household. Differentiated viscosity and stable quality can meet diversified demand of different compounding processing. Bright
Civil Spinning Grade PA6 chip can be used to produce PA6 filament by high speed spinning, or to produce PA6 super-micro fiber, staple fiber and carpet yarn. Stable molecular weight ensured by continuous polymerization, excellence spinning and dying properties. Bright
Industrial Spinning Grade PA6 chip can be used to spinned to produce industrial yarn, such as monofilament, fishing net fiber, tyre cord yarn, high tenacity yarn and etc. The industrial yarn possesses the properties of heat stability, high tenacity and low elongation; Bright